• US Fencing Association
      The US Fencing Association is located in Colorado Springs and sanctions all tournaments.
  • Join, Upgrade or Renew Your US Fencing Membership
      Log into the US Fencing website to join, upgrade or renew your membership. If you need a user id or password e-mail
      The US Fencing Association e-mail address.
  • Capitol Division, USFA
      The website of Capitol Division (DC, Montgomery & Prince Georges Counties) includes a listing of local tournaments.
  • Virginia Division, USFA
      The Virginia Division hosts tournaments throughout the state, including northern Virginia.
  • Maryland Division, USFA
      The Maryland Division (MD except for Montgomery & Prince Georges Counties) hosts tournaments in the Baltimore and Annapolis areas.
  • AskFRED
      The AskFRED website is used to preregister for many tournaments (except national tournaments) and also reports their results.
  • US Fencing National Results
      Live results and past results of national tournaments.
  • FIE
      The Federation Internationale d’Escrime is the international governing body of the sport.
      A website with good information for parents of fencers
  • Museum of American Fencing
      The history of fencing in the US.
  • US Fencing Hall of Fame
      Information on fencers and coaches elected into the US Hall of Fame.
  • The Fencing Forum
      A British fencing discussion forum.
  • US Fencing Coaches Association
      The USFCA certifies fencing instructors at the Moniteur, Prevot, or Fencing Master levels.
  • Fencing Referees
      The official source of information for US fencing referees.
  • US Olympic Committee
      The US Olympic Committee website (all sports).
  • US Anti-Doping Agency
      See if your medications are banned from use during competitions.
  • Safe Sport
      All athletes deserve to participate in sports free from bullying, hazing, sexual misconduct or any form of emotional or physical abuse.
  • NCAA Fencing
      NCAA fencing website.