International Tournaments

Chevy Chase Fencing Club members have competed internationally in more than 43 World Championship and Olympic events and other international competitions. Two Chevy Chase Fencing Club fencers, Katharine Holmes and Bettie Graham, have medaled at the World Championships.




National Tournaments

Many fencers in the Chevy Chase Fencing Club travel to national tournaments throughout the United States. National tournaments, organized by US Fencing, are held monthly, October through April. The Summer National Championships are in July. Events are for specific age levels or abilities.




Super Youth Circuits

Super Youth Circuits are regional competitions for young fencers in three age groups: 14 and under; 12 and under; and 10 and under. One can enter SYCs in any region of the US. Sometimes we travel to SYCs. Chevy Chase Fencing Club usually enters 15 to 20 competitors in the SYC held near DC.




Regional Youth Circuits

Regional Youth Circuits are also for Youth-14, Youth-12 and Youth-10 fencers but are not as large as Super Youth Circuits. RYCs are allowed to have mixed events — boys and girls in the same age category may fence together instead of separating the genders.




Local Tournaments

There are many local tournaments in the Washington, Baltimore and northern Virginia areas. Tournaments may be for specific ability levels or age groups. Chevy Chase Fencing Club members compete often in these competitions.





Chevy Chase Fencing Club

Chevy Chase Fencing Club and it’s members have been featured on television, radio, online and in print media. These articles and videos are reproduced in this section along with other special club events.