Annual club dues for adults is $880.00 for DC residents, $920.00 for non-DC residents.

Annual club dues for juniors (junior USFA members) is $780.00 for DC residents, $820.00 for non-DC residents.

Dues are payable on October 1, to Chevy Chase Fencing Club. Club dues will be prorated if fencers join later in the season.


All club members must be competitive members of the US Fencing Association.

Membership requires a full uniform including jacket, mask, knickers, underarm protector, breast protectors (women), glove, knee-length socks and electrical weapons and body cords (and mask cords for foil fencers).


Floor fee (allows non-club members use of the facility; full uniform required):

  • $15.00 for USFA members;
  • $20.00 for non-USFA members (includes USFA non-competitive membership)