About Us

Chevy Chase Fencing Club

Chevy Chase Fencing Club (CCFC) is a member club of the US Fencing Association. The club was created in the late 1970’s by Fencing Master Raymond Finkleman and has always been located at the Chevy Chase Community Center in Washington, DC. The club and it’s classes are a program of the DC Department of Parks and Recreation.

CCFC is a small, friendly club. The club has a broad range of ability levels from beginning fencers who have just graduated from the youth or adult classes to highly ranked national and international competitors. Most of the members of the club compete locally, nationally and some, internationally. Members of the club have won over 121 national medals and  competed in 76 World Championship or Olympic events!

Group classes for beginning and intermediate students are offered in the fall, winter and spring semesters.  Club practices consist of friendly bouting under supervision of the coaches. Everyone takes turns refereeing before going on strip. One should fence everyone in the room at least once each practice. Private lessons, by appointment outside of club practice times, are available to club members.